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The strong rains and floods endured during the second semester of 2010 have affected more than one point two million people, leaving hundreds of families with substantial losses in goods, homes, crops and other means of life and have affected severely multiple public goods as schools, hospitals and roads.

Facing this situation, the National Government and the local governments have dedicated all their efforts to address this event, with the purpose of guaranteeing the life and dignity of the most affected people and the communities. Nonetheless, said rains and floods have surpassed the levels of previous years, moving from a traditional rainy season to a climate phenomenon known as La Niña. This particular situation, resulting from climate change, started in June 2010 and will last until the second quarter of 2011, according to the forecast of IDEAM, therefore, completing almost a whole year of continuous rain.

This situation will demand the reinforcement and continuation of the actions of the government, as well as the support of national and international actors who can cooperate by providing care and helping affected families and communities to recover. From said perspective, this document shows the current situation of the phenomenon, its main implications and the predicted impact to June 2011. Likewise, it presents in general terms, the response of national institutions to face this situation and the areas in which non-governmental actors and the international community are expected to contribute actively to the process, as well as the ways in which aid can be channeled.

Strong emphasis is placed on the fact that these resources will be used for the phase of emergency care and for recovery and rehabilitation at mid- and long-terms. The mechanisms to be implemented will last, initially, until the month of August 2011. 


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